Momma Vogue Thermal Dress (exclude bottle)
RM 30.26

 Momma Vogue Thermal Dress - Red Colour
Momma Vogue Thermal Dress - Red Colour
Momma Vogue Thermal Dress - Blue Colour
Momma Vogue Thermal Dress -  Green Colour
Momma Vogue Thermal Dress - Orange Colour


Thermal dress

Best way to keep temperature Made of special thermal material, it keeps liquids temperature constant for a longer time when you go out.

Modern and unique The first dress to give colour to mOmma feeding bottles and cups. Glamorous and trendy colours.

Easy to carry The product can be easily fixed to strollers, bags or belts thanks to its adjustable hook.


Momma Vogue will help to keep the temperature as follows (Reference only):

Time/Duration Hot Water in mOmmaVogue Cold Water in mOmmaVogue
Temperature Temp Difference Temperature Temp Difference
0:00 Hrs 80oC 0oC 10oC 0oC
0:30 Hrs 72oC -8oC 13oC +3oC
1:00 Hrs 58oC -14oC 15oC +2oC
2:00 Hrs 42oC -16oC 17oC +2oC
3:00 Hrs 36oC -6oC 19oC +2oC

* The temperature test above is under the room temperature between 21-23oC. The tolerence is +/-2oC. It may vary according to room condition.

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