Momma Developmental Warm Meal Set (BPA Free)
RM 89.25

 Orange Colour
Orange Colour
Green Colour
Developmental Warm Meal Set comes in cool and nice packaging can be a nice gift idea

 Developmental growth
The special mOmma gift set are designed to follow the various stages of your baby’s growth and learning step by step, supplying a useful and complete product for weaning.
**Hot Water Compartment to keep food warm.

Two stages levels. Stage 1: 4m+, warm plate with a wide non-slip and non-tip base. It comes with two compartments to separate different  foods. Spoon with soft tip to begin baby’s weaning.

Roly-Poly to entertain your baby during mealtime. Stage 2: 6m+, fork with rigid plastic prong to make easy the normal use of cutlery.

Gift Pack Drink & meal sets comes in a modern and cool packaging which can be a nice gift idea.

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