MAM Anti-Colic Bottle 260ml
RM 33.30

 Anti-Colic Bottle 260ml - Ivory Colour
Anti-Colic Bottle 260ml - Ivory Colour
Anti-Colic Bottle 260ml - Pink Colour
Anti-Colic Bottle 260ml - Blue Colour
Anti-Colic Bottle

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle 260ml

With the Anti-Colic bottle, babies feel relaxed and happy from day one. This is because they don't swallow any air while drinking and this makes the switch between Mum and MAM particularly easy

  • With Silk Teat size 1
  • For a smooth flow of milk
  • BPA Free
  • With self sterilizing function
  • Recommended for: 0+ months

Self Sterilizing Function:-

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